Jane Hagedorn Women Build

Jane Hagedorn Women Build

About This Campaign

The 12th annual Women Build brings women together to raise funds and build a home for a local resident in need of adequate housing. This program serves to highlight and honor the many hard-working and talented women in our community. Construction on the Women Build home is open to everyone, regardless of gender, but does allow women to find an inviting environment in which they can participate in the building process.

Location / Venue

Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity

Campaign to Support Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity

We envision a world in which each person has a decent place to live. Locally, we partner with both current and future homeowners, local businesses, residents and social service organizations to construct and renovate safe, decent, affordable housing in Cedar, Iowa, Johnson and Washington Counties.  We also secure affordable financing so that homeowners in our program save thousands of dollars over the life of their mortgage.   Globally, we work to remove barriers to decent housing by supporting Global Village trips and tithing to Habitat for Humanity global builds.  Together with our community, Habitat homeowners gain the strength, stability and self-reliance needed to build better lives and stronger communities.

  1. Janet Boresi
    Janet Boresi gave a $52.44 donation
    about 1 month ago · Like
  2. Plumb Supply Company Ed Ruth
    Plumb Supply Company Ed Ruth gave a $104.58 donation
    Jane is the nicest, most caring person I know!!!
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  3. An anonymous donation of $104.58 has been made
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  4. Russ Husted
    Russ Husted gave a $100 donation
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  5. Susanne Watson Epting
    Susanne Watson Epting gave a $208.86 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Mary Palmberg
    This contribution is in honor of Mary Palmberg, who not only helped us find homes for our furniture during our move, but has also been so incredibly involved in making the common good a reality where we live.
    5 months ago · Like
  6. Shirley Altenhofen
    Shirley Altenhofen gave a $1,000 donation
    Dedicated to my wonderful group of strong, inclusive, intelligent, kind women friends...who are all a great gift to me...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Julie, Sue, Cathy, Janice, Mary and Karen! May you all continue to live in interesting times!
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  7. Sharon Anderson
    Sharon Anderson gave a $50 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Jane Hagedorn
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  8. Faye Thompson
    Faye Thompson gave a $208.86 donation
    Jane, I’m SO proud of you. You are infinitely worthy of this build. Merry Christmas to you, Vicki and the Kids.
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  9. Joyce Halverson
    Joyce Halverson gave a $100 donation
    I've known Jane since 1979, so I know what a generous person she is. Thank you for recognizing her talents and contributions. I'm proud to donate in her name.
    over 1 year ago · Like
  10. Shelley Brighi
    Shelley Brighi gave a $100 donation
    Congratulations Jane. This recognition is so well deserved. You have touched the lives of many people through your business and charitable works. God bless and enjoy your retirement.
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  11. Lyse Strnad
    Lyse Strnad gave a $1,043.10 donation
    over 1 year ago · Like
    • Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity
      Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity

      Lyse and family, thank you! Your kindness and generosity is a bright spot during these challenging times. Our hearts are full!

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  12. Karen Kautzky
    Karen Kautzky gave a $52.44 donation
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